Nature's Gift Debriding Soap

How to Use Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap

About the Bottle Size: You have either a  4 oz or 8 oz bottle of Nature’s Gift™ Concentrate

The 4 oz is 50% concentrate and makes 2 gallons body wipe or 3 gallons environmental cleaner
The 8 oz is super concentrate and makes up to 8 gallons of body wipe or 12 gallons of environmental cleaner

Hint: Save all your bottles and when they are empty of the concentrate, fill them with the diluted body wipe. Take one with you, have one in your automobile, every room of your home and one in your shower or by the bath tub for easy access. You can use it for so many things other than skin parasites--hand soap, clean your shoes, leather and wood cleaner. Many bottles now come with a spray head making it convenient to spray directly onto your skin or your hand or finger tips. 

For best results use distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Any water containing minerals won’t effect it’s power but you may see them coalesce in the bottle after dilution. Never use tap water or water with fluoride or chloride.

Bathing and Showering Instructions:

First, don't dilute all of your concentrate. Save about 50% of it for bathing.

In the beginning until skin discomfort subsides, bathing is recommended 3 times per day for a minimum of 20 minutes to 40 minutes (longer the better). Use your regular tap water to take your bath. Important: Use a disinfectant to kill any organisms that the debriding soap cleans from your skin.

Use a wash cloth to wet your head, scalp, hair, ears, face.... Use a few drops of concentrate as a shampoo.  Caution: Keep it out of your eyes.  Remember the soap is non toxic and non reactive. It has no chemical compounds in it. After your bath, shower to remove any organisms or eggs that may be on your skin and then apply NG diluted as a body wipe.  NG is also available as a bar soap and as a cream.

►For bathing add 1 capful of super concentrate from the 8 oz bottle or 2 capfuls of 50% concentrate from the 4 oz bottle.

► As your skin gets better and there's less discomfort, you can reduce to two and then one bath a day. However, to keep your skin clean and get the most from Nature's Gift™ I recommend always bathing at least once a day.

►For showering you can use the body wipe in place of regular soap.

► For Collembola (spring tails), once you have them off of your upper body, you can use a foot bath instead for your ankles and lower part of your legs.

► Because your disinfectant may not be strong enough to kill all the organisms, it's important to thoroughly disinfect your tub or foot bath before using again with bleach or ammonia.

 As a body wipe: Wipe your body down with body wipe and let dry on your skin. Apply to the inside and outside of your ears, inside your nose, eyebrows, eye lids, and between your butt cheeks. Wipe down your face, neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms, genitalia, legs, and feet. You can apply by wetting your finger tips and wiping them over your skin. Personally I use the body wipe solution to see what impact it will have on my aging skin (wrinkle control experiment). Do this after each bath or shower for as long as you need.

However, if you have an issue where lots of debris is coming out of your skin, you might want to use a cloth to scrub or rub it into the skin. One lady writes: "One a suggestion to help to scrub and drain the crud from tissues and skin.  I found that putting some type of exfoliating scrub with or after soap causes you to be able to massage the Morgellons crud up and out of skin and tissues.  A little bit goes a long way as it seems to be self generating as starting it in one area seems to help start it draining in other areas.    I use a apricot kernal scrub.  So, a type of scrub made out of debriding soap and exfoliating agent would work well for massaging the Morgellons debris and pockets of debris up and out of skin and tissue."

Interim Application: Take a small bottle of body wipe with you during the day and apply as needed through out the day. Alternatively, take the debriding cream with you and wet the affected skin as needed. Remember, water is what makes NG work.

Foot Bath: If your feet are infected, take a foot bath with ¼ cap full of super concentrate or ½ capful of 50% concentrate. Add in borax, Epson salts, cinnamon or anything else you desire.

Non Healing Lesions and Bumps on Your Skin: For lesions and bumps on your skin, wet a band aide or a small pad of gauze with body wipe and tape to the lesion. Repeat daily. Alternatively, you can apply a drop of the concentrate to the lesion for faster relief.

Pets: Unless your pets are being treated with Nature's Gift™ you will be constantly reinfected from them. Apply two or more times daily just like you apply to yourself--every place and every crevice on your pet. Put a drop in their ears. Wipe them with the body wipe solution using a microfiber cloth (available at Walmart) at least twice a day until itching symptoms begin to disappear. Hopefully the micro fiber will help shred the parasites.

Also deep clean their bedding and environment is very important. Best to feed them the same diet you are on and pray for recovery and even the vitamins. I'm told that the MaxOne can also be used with dogs (not sure about cats).

Note: Nature's Gift™ will remove hair coloring.

Here's what one lady wrote: "I have too many problems when I use liquid foundations, it just seems to attract the parasites. If minerals are used for the face and eyes, I would clean the brushes after each use. Since Make up brushes are used on the skin they have to be cleaned with a cloth sprayed with Nature's Gift after every use or they will just contaminate any powder or minerals.

The debriding soap gives me really clean looking skin, although I still use a bit of concealer (L’Oreal New True Match is a creamy concealer in a tube with a brush) . The concealer I use is a liquid in a tube that has a brush. I did put a few drops of Nature's Gift (NG) that I had mixed for the environment into the tube and mixed it up with the brush. I have done that with my mascara tube as well. When using the concealer, I put some concealer on my ring finger that I just debrided and then apply around my eyes and a few other spots on my face.

If I do use a powder puff, it gets sprayed or washed right away with the NG. I now use a cream blush so I don't need a brush, just debrided fingers, but if a powder blush is used, I would clean the brush after every use with NG. I spritz some NG over my cream blush and lip balm at least twice a week.

I wipe the end of my eyebrow pencil with a cloth that has some NG on it."

To the Environment:
Use a sprayer (maybe and empty one that had a Pesticide or Spectricide Product from Home Depot--they hold a gallon). Rinse it out thoroughly and pour half of the 4 oz bottle of Natures' GiftTM Debriding Solution and add tap water to fill it. As a deep cleaner, spray floors, furniture, clothing, into air ducts, automobiles, and outside. For rugs you need to brush it into the fibers. Frequency of application for starters is recommended twice a week. If you are infected and still contagious, spray bedding and furniture after each use. It is not necessary to saturate the surfaces. Eventually you may discover that one 4 oz bottle makes as much as 3 gallon of solution.

For Morgellons, you can use the diluted soap to spray floors, furniture, bedding and so on. It can also be used in foggers. You can add it. The ammonia is a contact killer and the debriding soap will stay on the surface (or in the rugs) to protect from reinfection. For rugs, it's best to brush it into the knap of the rug.

For Collembola, NG probably won't do the job. You'll need to spray full strength ammonia or for the  very resistant spring tails, you will want to investigate use of triple pesticide. Go to and search for triple pesticide.

 For parasites like Collembola, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, as many as 800 eggs can be laid by one organism and it can take from 2 to 40 days for them to hatch. I suspect the variety we are dealing with hatches within a few days.

Experimental Internal Consumption Use: Nature's Gift's ingredients (once it's diluted as recommended above) are water and traces of new bio form carbon, nitrogen and less than .01% of 1% nitrogen as ammonium, alcohol, and tall oil. Nature's Gift™ has no other chemical compounds in it what so ever. It is completely non toxic and bio degradable. Some have used the diluted NG to wash their eyes and clean their mouths.

The makers of Nature's Gift™ now have a laundry soap available at


DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only. Please use at your own risk or discretion. 

Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is neither a cure or a treatment for skin parasites. It does not change the structure or function of any part of your body. It is used to relieve discomfort associated with skin parasites.

It's simply that most of those who use it really like the results. It cleans the skin so the skin may function normally without the presence of debris.


Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is made from: corn extracts, sugar, rice and oats and organic alcohols. It does not contain any  Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur Resorcinol or Resorcinol Monoacetate.