Nature's Gift Debriding Soap
Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap


In over fifteen years of coaching other sufferers of Morgellons and other skin parasites, I've only seen three major breakthroughs and they are:
1. The King DietSM  for which there are tons of testimonials.
2. The Glutathione Accelerator
3. Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap which is quickly overcoming the testimonials for the King DietSM.

Here's what users have to say about the Nature's GiftTM:

Hello Mr. Kuhns,


The Debriding soap continues to amaze us! It has helped my daughter and her baby so much! They can sleep through the night now. It is giving me relief and I can’t imagine not ever having it as part of my daily routine again!


And after trying so many things in my car, pesticides, alcohol, Windex, Lysol, burning menthol crystals, and daily vacuuming to no avail, the debriding soap gave us great relief after using it only one time! I vacuumed the car, sprayed the soap, scrubbed with a scrub brush all the carpet and fabric on the seats and wiped down my steering wheel and dashboard, and sprayed it in all of my air vents. Then I sprayed the carpets and seats one more time for good measure with the soap and miraculously, neither my daughter or I felt one thing in my car when we went out the next  day! I used to cry whenever I had to use my car because it was so heavily infested and I would be crawling with the parasites when I got out.


I plan on treating my car once each week, possibly with a quick spray with the soap in between treatments, while gradually spacing out the treatments.


*Please note that your individual results may vary.


Dear Richard,
I just wanted to let you know that this soap is amazing. I live in north Florida and have been struggling with crawling, itching and biting for at least 3 years now. I can't tell you how much money I've spent on finding a treatment. Something will appear to work and stop soon after. Your Debriding soap stops the crawling, itching and I've had no more bites. This has finally given my skin relief and the sores are healing. Finally, thank you so much for your book and especially the soap. My skin is also moisturized


*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Hi Richard,
            I've been using the Nature's Gift Debriding soap for a little over a week. After reading the description of how to apply the soap I decided to put some of the diluted solution in a spray bottle and spritz myself all over. It really seems to be working!! I still feel some movement under my skin but that occurs less frequently.
One of my kitties has been having "something" causing him to scratch especially his neck and head. It's not fleas or mites and his vet said he has a "food allergy". I don't think so. I'm afraid that he has acquired something from me. Why does nothing show up when they do a biopsy? It's been 4 years since I've been afflicted. At least I now see an end in sight. I think that the soap might be the thing that breaks the cycle. Let us pray!!
            Thanks for all you do. It is so appreciated by those of us who have been dismissed by "doctors" as mentally disturbed people. Bless you!  Kathy*

*Please note that your individual results may vary.

This soap has become a valuable asset in my Morgellon's skin clearing efforts.  It helps heal painful lesions.  This 1st couple of days I used it I had a new rash that itched was cleared in 2 days.  Not quite as fast on the other areas but it really makes a difference.  The soap leaves the skin soft and does not dry it out as some other treatments do  Also seems to pull out Morgellon debris like the black dots .Nature's Gift is wonderful on the hair also.  Besides being odorless, colorless, and stain free. A great find Richard, thanks for sharing the information and thank your client also.
Sincerely,  Jeanine 

A month later, she wrote the following:

My story is a little different Richard.  More like 10 years in the making of this heavily infected body.  Sometimes able to pretend the Morgellons problem was not there. Always some part of the day was spent with whatever remedy I could find to make myself better. Part of the answer was to stay as healthy as possible.  I had little itching but the lesions on my legs and back came and went.  Many built up to be large sized welts that hurt. Always the Morgellons shedding was going on.  Now the shedding is really going on and I have developed some rashes that itch.  The soap is bringing out the skin problem deeper than ever before.  I am writing this to encourage people whose problem is deep seated. The rashes heal, the welts are flattening out.  Not overnight but I can see a progression.p; Since we got the soap I have been rubbing it with Nature's Gift soap.  My husband is 81 years old, we thought the growths on his back were moles and the kind that old people get.  He has a dermatologist that has seen them many times as he has had about 60 skin cancer surgeries. Recently I noted one of those growths begin getting black dots on the surface so close together the whole thing looked black.  After a few days the edge looked like it lifted up and it bled a little.  I had not encouraged this in any way.  The next night I noticed it was gone the whole thing had lifted out and there was pink skin underneath, it is now flat and blending in with the normal skin.  Now there are 2 others that are turning black, we will see.  He soaks every night so the top of this growth probably came off in the tub.  Amazing isn't it.  I think we are just seeing the power of this soap.
ThThanks for keeping in touch and introducing the soap. Jeanine*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"In regards to the book I can totally relate and now get a better sense of my eating habits and what triggers my skin break-outs. Richard has been a tremendous help for me. I was lost and confused and scared and very alone for no one including doctors could answer any of my experiences due to a skin parasite. I have learned what foods to avoid, although I still have a parasite, through Richard I have learned there are others like myself who are or were on the brink of suicide before learning there is treatment and no matter what you try to do might help but it won't work without the diet which Richard has taught me. I am much better than what I was because of Richard and what I have learned has helped in fact I recently just tried a new soap , it actually is a big improvement on my face which was breaking out, the results I find amazing, better than any creams I ever used in the past to help my face, I also apply it to my whole body and any infected areas on the skin which in my case is foot and toe, which I'm finding is also helping, especially when you go off the diet and my toe would immediately turn red like it was going to open but I apply the soap and it has not opened since, again keyword here is diet. So thanks to Richard, I am  literally still alive. I know now because of Richard I'm not crazy and there is help out there for people like me. I feel terrible for the people that don't have any knowledge on dealing with a devastating disease. I was very fortunate to find Richard through the Internet, I was in a very bad way and read a lot of bullshit too on the Internet, but nothing worked until I discovered Richard, it was like a miracle, once I started his King Diet which basically sucks but gets better as you get better. Good luck to all and God Bless .... LAura

Three weeks later, she wrote:

 The soap is amazing 
I have things under my skin on one side of my face that nothing I used was helping this soap actually helps. Great makeup remover so thankful that Richard introduced this soap to me and I've been using the soap in the humidifier in my bedroom at night . I water it down with bottled water. My two daughters are now using the soap for bad breakouts . Seems to be working better than any other expensive cream a dermatoligist prescribed . L*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Thanks for the inspiring email. I like the soap a lot and it has been helping debride my skin. I actually was never itchy or crawly . That probably sounds like a blessing except that because I didn't itch I didn't discover my morgellons until I had a very bad case. Just layers and layers of skin? Or whatever residue it is that this plague leaves. It feels like it sucked in my face. Just horrifying. I do have my before pictures and when I feel comf sending an after, I will send both*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Richard I got the soap two days ago.

I cannot believe it. I'm so grateful for this soap. I owe you a huge thanks.

I'll tell you how it's gone so far, and then I have some questions at the end.

The first day I scrubbed myself in the shower from head to toe with the soap. I then put approx 1oz into 16oz distilled water and put that into a spray bottle.

Once out of the shower I sprayed myself from head to toe, sprayed inside my ears, my nostrils, armpits..everywhere like you said. I didn't wipe it off and just let that air dry.

I then went to bed and immediately noticed the biting was 80-90% gone. What an immense relief.

But the real miracle was in the morning when I looked at my skin. I could not believe it. In just about 8 hours 90% of all my lesions were almost healed!!

I even have some really weird nodules or hardenings under the skin on the side of my stomach..I've tried EVERYTHING on them to make them go away. Iodione, sulfur, hydrogen peroxide..nothing made any difference. I've had them for probably close to two years, maybe even longer.

In the morning they were 80% gone!! How is that even possible? Today is the second day and they're 90% gone.

I now carry the spray bottle with me at all times, and whenever I feel the bugs stinging I spray that area and massage the soap into my skin over that spot. The spray works great because I can just push the nozzle directly onto my scalp too, so I don't even need to get my hair that wet when I feel the crawling on my head. I can get the soap directly onto the scalp that way.

However there are still some problems. For example if I get heavily attacked in bed I've noticed they like to go for my lower legs.

If I spray my legs I notice they try to escape and crawl up my body onto my upper legs, up my back and then further up. Once the soap dries they slowly get back to attacking the legs again..

However this is still night and day to what it was before.

I hope they don't develop a resistance to the soap.

Now my questions:

1: Can I just spray my bed with this stuff?

2: Can I wash my clothes and bedding with the soap, does that help?

3: Can I spray other textiles with this thing like carpets and curtains?

And then some advanced topics:

4: Can I ingest the soap? I seems like a complete miracle healer..would it work internally? I'm not afraid to experiment..

5: What about an enema? I've heard of some people recommending enemas with natural bar soaps, so it's not unheard of to use soap with enemas it seems.

6: What about brushing my teeth with it? I notice during the night the bugs often get into my mouth..some of them even crawl all the way to the back of my throat (I sleep with my mouth open). It's extremely annoying
when that happens as it itches like crazy and there's no way I can get to it. For now I've been spraying colloidal silver down my throat, but it has very limited success..

7: Will I get rid of them from my house if I'm just diligently spraying everything here? Won't I have sticky soap residue all over everything. I'm especially thinking about textiles..

Sorry for the long e-mail..but in summary I just want to say thank you thank you..this soap seems almost like a miracle.

*Please note that your individual results may vary.

To answer his questions:
Yes, he can further dilute the debriding soap to spray his clothing, bedding, curtains, automobile, and so on.
No, even though the soap is non toxic, we don't suggest or recommend consuming it internally.
enema? I have no recommendations one way of the other. If you try it, it's at your own risk.
Brushing teeth? Again it's at your own risk.
You can spray the entire house, it does not leave a sticky residue.

I have received my order of "Nature Gift" and I'm so glad that this product was introduced to you!  It's amazing I haven't been using it for 1 whole week yet but can tell such a difference in my face.  I must say that I was completely grossed out at the critters and where they live on my body...ugh....  I do have a few questions for you, what do I use to get the brown lesions cleared up?  Can I use coco butter, vitamin e oil, or lemon juice? My second question is will I still be able to obtain some success without ORAP?  I have been let go from my job of 24 yrs and I went to my doctor in July ($75 office visit) he stated that the white things that were on my skin were my skin and I didn't have a parasite on my body as I believed.  With his way of thinking I don't want to waste $75 trying to get a prescription that he might not give me. My third question will this use of this soap stop the hair from growing different places on my body?  I had beautiful smooth & flawless brown skin - never had to shave a day in my life!  So seeing little white hairs growing on my body was alarming I felt like I was a cat with whiskers. Those hairs started on my neck and went up to my cheek bones and when removing them (took me about 2.5 painful weeks of plucking them with tweezers)  Sorry I messed up the email hope you can understand it...can't find the undo button now

The following day she wrote:
I'm writing you again today I've been sitting outside in the sun and it allows me to see the parasite on my body.  What I found out is the hairs has something to do with the parasite, the soap will make the critters come out -harden and die, but the hairs on top of your skin turn to dry flakes of skin.  When rubbing my arms I can see hairs beneath my skin and I kept rubbing the soap deep into my skin trying to get the hairs up, the ones that were affected by the soap turn into the white sesame things.  I'll be glad to rid my body of all the hairs and critters for good.  My God is a healer and I'm truly glad that he has given you wisdom that you so graciously share with other suffers.  These things have flown out my mouth, they're in my throat, they had flown out my nose, and on other body parts.  When I went to the ER -times-( 2 ) I stated that I thought that my air passage was being comprised  by a parasite but you already know the outcome of that.  I told my doctor that I was spitting up the parasite I could see the white tiny specks in my spit - he went on to tell me the awful thing that most people have in their spit.  I argued that I had normal spit before now it's changed to white foaming spit!  By removing the hairs off of my throat and face it's changed a lot and I gargled with peroxide. But I'm not completely rid of them inside my throat - it always feel like I have something in my throat.  I'm drinking herbal tea's and Chinese detox tea's. Oh I forgot to mention that I have white raised bumps  my tongue at the back  (possibly full of parasites) and my doctor seen this and said nothing other than it's my skin and I need to stop worrying...meanwhile I was being eaten alive!  So again from the bottom of my heart I'm grateful for your wisdom and your ability to share with others so that we may in time get back to normal!  God bless & keep you
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Dear Richard
I live in Scotland but my friend Linda just sent me your debriding soap in the post yesterday I had bird mites in my old property 2 years ago Fought them 7 months left, took nothing
But still had black specks and bites though it improved In January this year I got severely re infested from a pair of trousers I thought mites
Now I know definitely morgellons 
Even had sesame seed things hanging off toes and mouth
Do you know what they are?
Both times thought suicide
Now the bites aren't as bad but still get them black specks everywhere
But yesterday when I used your soap
My god...the specks and plastic type larger lumps poured out me
And today
Its freaky and horrid
But its good your soap getting this stuff out of me
When. i rub my lesions the specks come out
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"Hi Richard, 
I would like to say that something good  is happening, -  I have less symptoms of itching and pricking of the skin from whatever parasite causes it.  I have a few pricking sensations around toes and sometimes on hands and  fingers, and am hoping this will decrease as I use more of the soap.  Between the medication I have had to take for another health issue and your soap I am quite happy with the  situation at the moment.  I am gradually decreasing this medication  so will know for definite if it is the soap alone that is helping. I think it is a real remedy - a geat find.  As you may remember I have tried so many remedies, and been very disappointed,  maybe there is hope at last!!!
Thank you as usual for your help Richard, - I  will let you know more in a short while.
I wish you and yours continuing good health."
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"Also, I think that it would be beneficial to mention washing clothes in it.
I use 1 cup of the diluted for a small wash, and 1 1/2 cups for a medium wash. 
Probably 2 cups for a large wash. 
REALLY REALLY WORTH THE MONEY, because my clothes are no longer infected and re-infecting me."
Note: When I buy new clothes, they are OK for a few wears, but definitely buy the 10th time, they are well on the way to being an infective agent. Regular washing, even at 150 degrees (which is supposed to kill dust mites) does nothing to get rid of this pest.
REALLY REALLY WORTH THE MONEY, because my clothes are no longer infected and re-infecting me.
I spray on chairs, etc. Scrub in, Let sit for a few minutes, and then wipe off with a Clorox disinfectant wipe. (the disinfectant wipes contain similar to Benzachonium Chloride that I will mix with diluted soap and use to spray my van with)

Just yesterday, I wiped my arm after getting infected from some old tax papers. I then felt a tiny hard thing with I picked up off my arm between my fingers. I could instantly feel an electric vibrating from this thing (it felt like a tiny electric current along with the vibrating) That's the best way that I can describe it. Not really sure if it has any electric properties or not, might just be vibrating. That's probably the same thing that I feel under my skin.  This is not the first time that I have had one between my two fingers. My wife has felt one or two, the same way...she says.

I have searched the internet for "vibrating parasite" and found nothing.  Maybe you might have better luck. I do know that collombola mites do jump. I wonder if they also vibrate, and click.
All the best,
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Just ordered two more bottles. I wasn't kidding about my fear you'd run out! :-)

I would have been far more eloquent if I'd known it would be used in your email! I think people suffering may feel as you originally did - "Yet another thing promising to work. " Had we not just spoken, I might have also. Those who know of you - and your work - understand the importance of your recommendation. And hopefully, pass the info along.


*Please note that your individual results may vary.

I just wanted to say thank you love the soap in all these last 9 months most relief I've gotten been on your stage 1 of your diet thank god for all you do I wish I would have saved all the money I've spent trying to get relief with each day it gets better its a shame all that suffer with this having to be our own doctors thought it was morgellons until I listen to people symptoms realized strongyloides what a living hell on earth it's been with ur book and good doctor finally I feel I may have a chance I truly was going to give up hate to even admit that I've thought about suicide I would like to order more of the soap and The glouthimine max do I order through you for the soap warmly

*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Soap is good. Using a lot. After shower and then approximately 2 hours later they start coming out of my skin and boy do they hurt. This morning it helped take it out of eyes. This evening as I am typing I am constantly being pricked. I am eating the king diet no cheating. Ammonia on bedding and clothes constantly vacuuming. I am drained. Thursday I am going for my blood work for titer of strongyloides. I cannot stand the pricking. I am not crazy. I know u understand. Thank you. You are the only one who I can talk too and is helping me. Bless you with all my heart. Thiabendazole is no longer dispensed in the U.S.. I am taking 3 Max one a day. Today is first day knee feels better. How long will it take for the pricking to stop? I feel it will never. Tomorrow I start on Murray my cat. He is 17 I love him I feel bad for him. He is alone. I feel worse for me. Prick, prick. i am itchy also now. I am going crazy. Up and down. Thank you for listening. Speak to u few days update.


*Please note that your individual results may vary.

Lois had a two month fight on her hand using the soap and before using the soap for the last two years she was losing badly.

Hi Richard! Thank you so much for developing the diet, your protocol and the soap that works against skin parasites! I have followed your program a month now and my symptoms have diminished to just slight biting once in awhile! I have lost a lot of weight that I gained from having kids from your diet. People Ask me what I am doing.. I don't want to tell them the skin parasite diet!!! Another tip for others going thru this is to only read the positive things about recovering from Morgellons! I have a few questions... When I take my salt bath at night my skin is releasing parasites in the tub.. Is that okay? Also, with Thanksgiving approaching I was going to make a turkey with butter and salt and pepper.. Is that okay to eat? Is turkey bacon okay to eat and butterball turkey lunchmeat? Last. I bought vitamin c chewables sweetened with xylitol... Are those ok to take? Thanks so much!

*Please note that your individual results may vary.

My answers: Yes, good to release parasites in the tub; xylitol not OK, use Solaray's Vit C powder; turkey with salt, pepper and garlic powder (check additives); turkey bacon (check additives); turkey lunch meat (check additives).

"Hi Richard, 
Debriding soap has helped to stop itching on my face, arms, legs and feet and I enjoy reading the experiences of other users, so don't stop sending e-mails about it.."
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"Dear Richard, 
I think the Debriding Soap is wonderful!! I think it is really great for pimples too. I had an awfful break out on my chin and within 2 days of using the soap, it completely cleared up. Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas. Nancy*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"Dear Richard, 
1. "All I can say is that after all that I have been through, my only regret is that it took me a year to find you following my first symptom out break.. Your products are great and are making a difference in my life. I really am getting my life back. Thank you... I will be ordering another round of debriding soap soon.."
2. "I like getting the emails. I want to hear what others are doing. Thanks for all you do,"
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"Thanks Richard , I'm so enjoying not itching , it's been three miserable years , thank you for your help and kindness. always," sandy*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"I will report that since using Nature's Gift I am much better. I had good relief using Fels Naptha soap for my hair and shower previously (as recommended by my naturopath) and have continued to use it but now spray hair and body with the Nature's Gift after and get superior results. I am down to one shower and hair washing per day as opposed to three showers a day. I was doing 4 loads of laundry a day but now I do 4 loads of laundry a week. Before bed if I have noticed some itching on my head I spray the Nature's Gift and then put fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt into my hair then wash it out in the morning. I no longer have any crawling in my hair which has been the biggest nightmare for 2 1/2 years. I do use good products also (conditioner and hot oil treatments) to keep my hair from getting too dry. I could go on and on with the trials of this Collembola. It is a plague on your life but thanks to your information I am getting my life back. Thank you."
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

"I think you need to get the word out to as many suffers as possible. Your nature's gift is a miracle. Suffering from this for months using permethrin and exposing myself to that danger, I can't tell you enough how amazed I am at how good it works! And it's so good for my skin! It's better than anything I have ever used. Even expensive cleaners like Mary Kay. I will be a life long customer. My skin is like silk and no new lesions for months! Thank you Richard for all your research and writing the book. You saved my sanity. My doctor has been cooperative but did tell me it may be psycho somatic! I'm a nurse, it's very depressing to be told that it's in my head. I cleaned my house for 10 hours yesterday with ammonia. Hopefully I am getting ahead of the little buggers today. I went out to dinner last night with my friends and had 2 glasses of wine. Only time I've had drinks in 2 months. Hope I don't relapse! Lol. If you ever want to talk, feel free to call me. 978-973-1659. Thanks again for your work! God bless your business with prosperity!" Carolyn
*Please note that your individual results may vary. 
"Hi Richard I keep a small spray bottle with me almost all times, in my purse, I use it all the time and I love it so much I sleep with it. lol, I thank God for you a lot."
 Thank You Richard. Renee*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"In 1992, my husband and I purchased a home on 4 acres in the country. We had lots of trees and thicket growing along the fence line and we cleaned it out.
Some the trees had a rope type vine growing with hairs coming from the vine which I helped my husband pull off. Shortly thereafter is when I started breaking out in welt type sores all over my arms and shoulders. They would not heal no matter how well I washed my arms or what I used.
My husband took me to about 10 different dermatologists in various parts of the state, and all they did was take a scraping from one of the sores and said they could find nothing wrong. Some gave me a cream to put on them to stop the itching and some told me I was probably doing it to myself.
So for 12 years I was suffering from these sores with no relief in sight until I came across your internet regarding the Debriding Soap. I ordered some and have been using it for several months now. I could hardly believe my eyes as the sores started to heal. I even showed your brochure to my doctor who had never heard of Morgellons disease. So believe me your article on this disease might be for educational purposes, but for me it and the soap has been a miracle.
I still have some stubborn sores on my shoulders to heal, but they are looking better and better every day. I thank God that He led me to your e-mail and this soap. I am sure that there are lots of other people who feel as I do. God Bless you and a thousand thank-you's for this soap." Marie*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"This soap is not a cure but sure is a help, lm getting some weird looking creatures coming out of my skin, so its definitely worth using and the little man eating critters don't like it"-B*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Dear Rich, I have brought the debriding soap twice now, and I can tell a big different . I am also on the stage one of the king diet. For two weeks now. I have loss 12 pounds and losing more. I feel great. I don't feel the the crawling and biting as bad as before. I hope and pray that I am really getting my life back. Hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel. its been two years now that I begin this hell with in me. I feel its getting much better. I am also taking the Maxone and ionic minerals. A long the complete nutritional system, Great products. I want to know if you're running a special on the gifting soap. I have them in my head and feet. Took awhile to get them off my body. Sometime I feel some crawling and itching on my body. I feel I have come a long way in two years. Thanks to your book and the good Lord I believe I will be successful on getting rid of them for good. I Believe that I have Morgellons because I have got so much fiber out of my body. Rich thanks for your help. Let me know if you got any specials on the soap. Thank you so much get back to me soon so I can make another order I don't want to run out. I spray everything in my house. Thanks Retha8
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Thank you so much for the debriding soap. It works so well and gives me hope for the first time. Certainly didn't get anything from the Drs. I would appreciate a price list for the debriding soap. I know one was sent for me, but somehow I can't find it." Thank you again. Patsy*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Thanks Richard , I'm so enjoying not itching, it's been three miserable years, thank you for your help and kindness." always sandy8
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Hi , I hope I have your email correct and also excuse me if I get a bit off the track here and there... My name is Bill Pitt I am several generations into having what ya'll call morgellons , I have had it for over 60 years . About 2005 or 06 I met Virginia Savely and began treatment I thought I would never receive. It has been one hell of a ride. Recently she sent me 2 bottles of your debrider soap and asked me to let her know what my thoughts on it are... I don't have that many I said I have been taking meds since 2005 have always paid attention to my food intake ..growing up and learning you know.. your soap blew me away from the second it touched my skin from there I went to several areas that have always been problem areas and while it did take several hours of scrubbing and soaking ..damn I was able to get things out of my body that ..hell I cant explain what I felt..maybe amazed beyond belief. Now to the nuts n bolts how far is too far and how much is too much ? I have more crap in me , not just my skin, I scrub until I am raw and the crap is still coming out.. I know I get obsessed but it's so hard to back off after all these years and to just know find someone that has put together things in the combination that works so well... I look at your ingredients and nod knowing that alone they work but put together WOW.. I will want to buy more of this soap but as I am on a retired disability just making ends meet is crazy too but at the first of August I would like to purchase a bottle ..and I hope you never run out of this soap my god I think everyone should have this stuff . well anyway that's my thoughts for now and I have passed on all thumbs up to Dr Savely ..think I already said this stuff is amazing" bill p.*

Bill P, in his 80's) has since passed away and Dr. Savely has devoted her book to him.
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"I think Max one is the greatest support in getting my life back. That and your Nature's Gift debriding soap. I'm stage 3 now and doing fantastic. I'm free off all itching and biting. I am totally on top of the world! I can't thank you enough Richard. It took 7 months to reach this phase but I had faith and now can live a normal life. There is no better feeling in the world." Sincerely Carolyn*
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Richard, I just want to say thanks for all your help and dedication to solving my nightmare! Your products and suggests really help and seem to work. Thanks again and keep up the good work!" L M
*Please note that your individual results may vary. 
"Well, I find the debriding soap a miracle. It's absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for getting us all the information. I just wish it existed 5 years ago when I had these critters full force. My life is soooo much better and pretty much at work they are almost gone...same at home..almost !! yay!!!! Karen
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"Hello Richard, thanks for your email, I thought I had lost you forever, because I accidently erased all your emails sent to me due to some excessive work done to my computer. The debriding soap helps me a lot, much more than anything that I have used so far. Shirley
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
"I'm so thankful to have the soap, it is a true gift. I went on vacation twice this year and had a almost totally free symptoms, I felt so good that 2 times when I ordered steak I forgot to say no sauce, the first time it did not bother me the second time I broke out, I was so upset that I forgot to say no sauce, I literately chewed my self out because I had done so perfect with my food on vacation, but when I broke out I accepted the fact that it was a mistake and I thankfully applied the soap. then I tried some tomato paste it had only tomatoes in it, and I broke out, it must of had another ingredient in it. I'm still on stage one at this point, sometimes I can skip a day on washing my hair, I had high activity in my ear while hardly any symptoms any where else, I got bad ear infection, I can feel parasite in there moving and biting, doc gave me antibiotics orally and internally, and it cleared up but not all the way, a month later it started again and I used left over oral antibiotic and debriding soap and my symptom are way down in the ear, I believe eventually this will go away, I thank God for the soap, we don't have to suffer as much like you did Richard all those years. can't say thank you enough.
*Please note that your individual results may vary.
 I must admit, I've been very busy answering emails and lazy about adding more testimonials--dozens and dozen have come in since Renee's. Here's one that just makes me angry. Angry that the ignorance of the CDC is splitting up families.

"Hi Richard, I have purchased your Debriding soap for the second time and I am trying Claudia's dream cream. I am addicted too your Debriding Soap. My Husband thinks I am a NUT CASE, CRAZY!! I hear this every day! '' and yet again your falling for another rip off.' I am sure you hear this every day from others. One thing I can say Richard you know what your talking about! because all your emails I receive I say too myself WOW! that happens too me! but what a Blessing we all have you and finally through you we have answers. Thank you so very much for giving us hope and purpose you are a gift too all us! your products are the BEST your books are so helpful they are priceless really thank you again for your much wisdom and your help getting my life back from this night mare . Have a beautiful blessed day." SK.
*Please note that your individual results may vary.

I thank SK for taking the time to share. All too often I hear the, "NUT CASE--CRAZY" accusations from some spouses--not all, but some. Of course doctors have a different way of saying it, i.e. "delusional." And of course, the top reason why spouses call their spouses "NUT CASE-CRAZY" is that they believe doctors know everything and in their mind, delusional equals "NUT CASE-CRAZY. It's one thing to be attacked by these skin parasites, but to lose your marriage is definitely insult added to injury and I'm afraid more and more sufferers will experience this until the CDC wakes up and "smells the coffee."

I can only say this, and I say it in my book: Next time you go to any doctor for help, take along a clean hand cloth that you've rubbed over your infected skin. Put it in a zip lock bag and when you get the delusional bull crap from your doctor, challenge him by saying, "This cloth is clean and disinfected and has been rubbed over my skin only one time. If you're right, then nothing will come of it if you rub it over your arm. Of course, not everyone is susceptible--maybe one in ten. Are you willing to take the chance or do you still want to call me delusional just because your experience with my symptoms is limited? Now please prescribe one of the medications listed in this article." Print out and take along the article at and show it to him. Outline the medications listed in yellow so they stand out for him.

It's unfortunate, I've had one husband who believed his wife's doctor threaten to sue me in court because his wife bought Nature's Gift™ from us and was reading my book.

"Hi Richard,

Just to let you know that I received my debriding soap today. Thank you very much. It was a great surprise to receive it so fast. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I had my first bath tonight. The effects were astounding. As I rubbed over my calves, I literally had hands-full of parasites come out of my skin. The effect on my scalps was just as amazing as ridges of parasites were released. There was a thick ring of parasites around the bath and I then realized why you told me to shower  after my bath.

Thank you once again for your help. It is really appreciated.

Kindest regards

Mossel Bay
South Africa"

*Please note that your individual results may vary.

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