Nature's Gift Debriding Soap

Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is made from all natural products. It is non reactive and non toxic with no GMO's.

The natural products are  combined using a proprietary method to produce extreme particle size of 6 angstroms. As opposed to chemistry, it's physics that produces the end result.
It does not contain any  Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Resorcinol, or Resorcinol Monoacetate.

Morgellons Event of the Week
"Let's Heal Together"
Telephone Support Group

Anyone who has been dealing with skin parasites knows that there are ups and downs. And, the downs can be catastrophic. To get back up, being resilient is super important.

This program has two parts:
1. Handle the stress associated with life and the added stress of having skin parasites. Each week, we start with stress management to manage Morgellons.

2. Question and answer period with Richard to assist in getting more ups than downs and get your life back. 

Note that the calls are recorded and you can scroll down to listen to the older calls--newer calls are listed in the updates.

How to Join the Group:
The support group is scheduled at 4 pm Eastern on Sundays. To join in the meeting all you need do is call 605-472-5471 at or a few minutes before 4 pm and then enter access # 130156 and wait for the meeting to start.  No reservation required. If this will be your first meeting, I ask that you listen to one of the meetings that have been recorded before that are listed below (they are the older meetings--newer ones are published in my updates. Why? Answer: because if you join in after 4 pm
► you might miss the guide lines which are important:
1. for confidentiality, we only use first names.
2. we do not repeat anything shared in the meeting outside the meeting.
3. no cross talking or giving of advice even if you think the previous person sharing was wrong about what they shared.
4. only speak from your personal experience.
5. this is not a wild goose chase program. Thus no other products or protocols are discussed outside of the protocol that you've been provided from.evaluation of your questionnaire or what is listed in my book.
► you'll know what to expect.
► you can apply what was discussed in the previous meeting and share your experience in the first meeting you join.

Why Join the Sunday Morgellon's Event of the Week? The answer lies in the answers to the following questions!

When was the last time you spoke with others who could relate with the agony you have or had experienced 24/7?
When was the last time you had some hope in getting your life back?

When was the last time you had a good laugh?
When was the last time someone lent you a helping hand?
When was the last time you had real inspiration?
When was the last time you didn't feel isolated?
When was the last time you didn't feel you were on a wild goose chase?
When was the last time you got to ask me a question verbally?

This is what the meeting is about. It's a safe place to bring your isolation, anxieties, worries, fears, anger, frustration, depression, uncertainty, confusion, and so on and get a boost of inspiration, help, and confidence that you're on the right track.

Isolation, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, confusion and so on are stressful emotions. They evoke the stress response which releases fight or flight hormones throughout your body that actually activate the parasites and make them happy. This is something that is not addressed in my book, yet is of paramount importance. 

There are many stress management techniques and they all start out with the basics of deep breathing--you'll find them all on my stress management site. When we're stressed, the first impact on the body is breathing--it becomes shallow and upper chest often with musculature tightening. From here, things can spiral into musculature and
vasculature tensions. This can quickly escalate to headaches, hypertension, Raynaulds' syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks, back, neck, and shoulder pain.

If we add to this unresolved emotions, they become baggage that gets swept under the rug and surfaces as heart disease, cancers, immunological disorders and so on. The physician's handbook state that as much of 80% of health issues are attributed to stress.

Since last October, we're recorded many Sunday meetings and in most of them I've suggested putting a post-it on your rear view mirror that says, "Deep Breathing." Remember, it's the first step to manage stress. Since no one on your car radio is going to remind you to take a deep breath, it's up to you to use a post-it to remind yourself. Every time you see that note, start taking slow deep breadths:
►slowly bring your breadth deep into your abdomen as your let it expand.
►Do not lift your shoulders as that tenses your clavicle.
►At the end of the intake, let your chest slightly expand to fully fill your lungs.
►Then, exhale slowly by first pulling in your abdomen to expel all the air.
►And let your chest slightly contract as you expel the last of the air.

If you can hear yourself breathing, you're breathing too fast. Your goal is around 5 or 6 breadths per minute. Continue this for as long as you can maintain focus on your breath as you drive. Don't worry, you'll lose focus in a few moments and your mind will be occupied with other thoughts. But those few breaths have made a significant difference--especially since you'll be looking into the rear view mirror many times as you drive to your destination.

In the first part of the call, I'll invite you to share your experience in adding deep breathing to your drive. Should you want to take managing stress further, you can enroll in a free on-line course--a $300 value. You'll receive one installment each month for 2 1/2 years--save them in a folder and refer to them often during the month.

During the second portion of the meeting you get to ask me questions about the diet and my protocol and share your experience with the King Diet and the protocol. As some of you know, I do not like phone calls, unless they are scheduled because the phone is such a waste of time, i.e. I call you and the phone rings and rings and rings (maybe a minute) and then, after your phone number is stated to me (another 15 seconds), there's a message that your voice mail is not set up or full, or, I get to leave a message and we play phone tag. No, I prefer emails to answer your questions--far more efficacious.

However, on Sundays, you can count on me being on the call. All you have to do is join in. And, since there are typically less than 30 people on the call, there's often silent periods providing plenty opportunity for you to share or ask your questions.


Calls are recorded  

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Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap cleans deeper than any other substance or enzyme. Not only does it clean the pores of your skin, it's angstrom sized particles clean between the cells that make up the pores so that you skin may function more normally.

For those suffering from skin parasites, Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap cleans and assists in removing and eliminating dirt, germs, bacteria, odors and pests including lice, scabies, crabs, fleas, Collembola, skin fungus, Morgellons, mites and more, naturally!

It also breaks down grease, bio film, and other organic matter. It is far superior to enzymes.

"Its breaking through the bio film I am covered in.  Omg, this is gold and want to benefit the best I can from it"* Ruby *Please note that your individual results may vary.

Just one teaspoon of Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap in a bath is all that is needed. Add in your favorite disinfectant like peppermint drops, peroxide, Epson Salts, and so on to destroy the organisms extracted from your skin.

Additionally, add 20 drops of concentrate to four ounces of water in a spray bottle and take with you through out the day to relieve skin discomfort on the spot.

Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is part of an "all encompassing program to get your life back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites. Scroll down to get your first order at a 20% discount.

The program has two phases:

Phase I has three prongs:

1. Stop feeding the parasites foods that they thrive on with the King DietSM revealed in Chapter IV of the FREE e-book--How to Get Your Life Back from Chronic Lyme, Morgellons, and Other Skin Parasites. Thousands of copies of this 200 page -e-book were sold for $19.95 and you can now claim it for free by completing the form to the right.

2. Effectively remove the organisms that can recontaminate you from your environment. Chapter III gives you detailed instructions on how to disinfect clothing, bedding, furniture, floors, shoes, jewelry, counter tops, autos, work space and so on using common house-hold disinfectants you find in your grocery store.

3. Deep clean your skin using Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap in your bath and as a stop-gap whenever you feel skin discomfort during the day. Initially, you want to be aggressive and take as many baths a day so you can get from one bath to the next with relatively little skin discomfort--that might be three baths a day. Within a week or so, you may only need one bath a day and eventually graduate to showers.

Phase II, should you elect to do, is to create an unfriendly environment in your body and rebuild your body nutritionally from the damage that the skin parasites have caused. This is done with specific targeted supplements that are revealed in the book.

The CDC:

As you may know, the CDC in Atlanta has not acknowledged the existence of Morgellons other than to say it's in your mind. And, while 50% of those who have symptoms of itching, biting, black specks, and so on have a Collembola (spring tails/Invisible Biting Bugs (IBS) infestation rather than Morgellons, every doctor or entomologist you speak with will tell you that it's impossible for Collembola to live on humans.

Those suffering from these symptoms are often abandoned by the medical community and left to wander aimlessly through the internet searching for help. Yes, they even take specimens they collect from their bodies of these weird parasites to their doctor and often end up being told that "It's stress that is causing these symptoms, no parasite known could cause all these symptoms, plus your blood work is perfect except for a slightly elevated CBC (complete blood count)".

Yes, I want to receive your life-saving ebook, How To Get My Life Back from Chronic Lyme, Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites plus updates for FREE

To receive Your FREE ebook--a $19.95 value

Before you know it, your home is entirely infected, your car, and even your work area at your place of work. And, worse still, you might be infecting others.

The bottom line is that there are several skin parasites that exhibit similar symptoms:
■ intense itching
■ biting sensations
■ non healing lesions
■ black specks
■ nodules under the skin

The parasites are:


  1. Morgellons
  2. Collembola (Spring Tail) Infestation
  3. Strongyloides Stercoralis
  4. Skin Fungus
  5. Invisible Biting Bugs (IBS)
  6. Many different mites

Only Strongyloides Stercoralis and skin fungus can be diagnosed (but rarely are). Neither Morgellons nor Collembola (spring tails) can be diagnosed and mites are generally overlooked. Remember: per the scientific and medical community they don't even exist.

In fact, according to the CDC, Morgellons nor Collembola (spring tails) are a health problem and therefore no treatment is available through the medical establishment.

The upshot is: Treatment or no treatment, you can still get your life back from the relentless crawling on your skin, itching, and biting that keeps you up at night.


This is where my free e-book and two phase program come into play. 

Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is a God send to many of those whom have used it. It's made from natural renewable plant sources:  Only two people on the earth know how it's made. They know how to combine these ingredients to produce a soap with angstrom particle size.

Einstein claimed that anything smaller than one angstrom is pure energy, that's how small these soap particles are. The thickness of a piece of paper is 100,000 nanometers. One angstrom is one tenth of a nanometer. Compared to the molecular size of all other soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a tiny pebble to a big fat cat. Get the picture? It's OK, I didn't get the picture when it was first explained to me. Maybe the image with the red arrow pointing to the pebble will help.

Relief is Just a Soap AwaySM


Experience was the "proof of the pudding" for me. What this means is that Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap cleans the skin from the deepest levels to get rid of all the debris.

The result of this is amazing. While Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is not a cure or a treatment for any kind of skin parasite or skin disease, the result is that skin discomfort associated with skin parasites is stopped in seconds. Here are many other Debriding Soap testimonials for what Nature's GiftTM can also do for you in reclaiming your life.

All kinds of stuff comes out of your skin that you would never have believed could be in your skin.

Nature's GiftTM is recommended by Dr. Savely on pg 328 of her new book Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease

Other products on the market cost more than double what you'll pay for Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap, just $38 for enough to begin an aggressive skin cleaning. 

Hold On, order now and save 20%. That's right, with your first order, you receive a 20% discount and the total is $35.35. Order as many bottles as you like at this price and pay the same low shipping and handling of just $4.95

Here's what you get: You receive a 4 oz bottle of 50% concentrate and an empty 4 oz bottle to dilute the concentrate. You use two cap-fulls per bath along with a disinfectant like Epson salts-Borax-peppermint, etc to kill the organisms that are cleaned from the deeper layers of your skin by the debriding soap. You fill the empty bottle with water and add in 2/3 teaspoon of concentrate and shake. You use this as what we call a body wipe to apply to any skin discomfort that you feel from bath to bath.

But that's not all, not only will you receive the most effective debriding substance known, but you'll receive all the bonuses listed below:

Nature's Gift Debridiing Soap
4 oz Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap (50% concentrate) plus free E-book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons... $30.40 plus $4.95 S&H

We only promote and advertise in the US--see below for International customers*.

Nature's Gift 30 Day Guarantee
This 20% off offer is only available for domestic on-line purchases. If you call into the office, we'll be glad to answer your questions, however, you will be charged full price of $38. Call 1-800-993-0929 or 1-732-531-1178 Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm EST

Note that if you order more than one bottle, the guarantee only applies to one 4 oz bottle of debriding soap.

Warranty does not apply to international customers.

To avoid possible contamination of our facility, we do not accept returns.

*Unfortunately, this 20% off offer is not available for international customers. International customers will be invoiced the difference of $6.00 per bottle plus applicable international shipping charges.  If you are interested and financially capable, you can become a distributor of our products in your country and save your country-men the misery and torment that goes with skin parasites.



Bonus #1 

Free 200 page ebook. Yes, order now and there's more. While Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap cleans your skin, what about the inside of your body where skin parasites may be wreaking havoc? You feel them in your ears, behind your eyes, lungs, anus and so on. The good news is that I can also show you How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites. I, Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. (that's me, a former skin parasite sufferer), wrote the most informative book on the subject of skin parasites--you'll learn  more in twenty minutes than you have from doctors in years. My book gives you information on:

  1. How to bathe for relief.
  2. How to disinfect your environment.
  3. The King DietSM to starve the parasites instead of feeding them.
  4. The right nutrients to build immune functioning and reduce inflammation.
  5. How you can stop attracting invisible bugs from jumping on your body.
  6. Analysis of medical and alternative approaches to deal with skin parasites.
  7. Medications that are beneficial.
  8. How to deal with the depression that accompanies the parasites.
  9. How to determine which parasite you are dealing with.

Go to the Morgellons testimonials page to get an idea as to how the book can also help you get your life back from these hideous monsters that take over your body.

Bonus #2 

Shortly after you receive the e-book, you'll receive a questionnaire. I'll show you how to determine whether you are dealing with Morgellons (only 50% of sufferers have Morgellons), an infestation of Collembola, or Strongyloides with specific a,b,c, directions based on how others have gotten their lives back.

Bonus #3 

Many skin parasites sufferers are known to have contracted Lyme disease from the skin parasites. The King DietSM (included in my book) is the best eating approach you can use in dealing with Lyme disease.

Order now  and you receive one 4 oz bottle of  Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap (enough to make 1 gallon of body wipe or 2 gallons of environmental control), How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. (former sufferer), specific recommendations on how to get your life back, and the King DietSM, the best eating behavior for Lyme disease.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that  I am not a medical doctor, and cannot prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. You are to consult with your primary care physician before implementing the diet or any products recommended in this site.

Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is neither a cure or a treatment for skin parasites. It does not change the structure or function of any part of your body.

It's simply that most of those who use it really like the results. It cleans the skin so the skin may function normally without the presence of debris.
Nature's GiftTM Debriding Soap is made from renewable plant sources. It does not contain any Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur Resorcinol or Resorcinol Monoacetate.

the above information is for educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended in any way to be a claim of treatment or cure of any medical condition or disease.