Nature's Gift Debriding Soap

Description of angstrom sized proprietary cleaning agent (surfactant) for the skin to deep clean bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites and debris from the skin so it may function more normally.

Please note that initially this cleaning agent (surfactant) was used and still is used in the agricultural industry.

Following are the various lab tests that have been conducted to show it it's chemical composition, particle size and that it is safe for application to human skin.

1. Laboratory analysis reporting the chemical make-up is essentially carbon and nitrogen.  click here for the chemical analysis. 

2. Click here and click here for particle size analysis which show the particle size to be 6 angstroms.

3. Laboratory tests show that it is GMO free.  Click here  for results.

4. Lab skin toxocology tests show that it is nonreactive  to human skin.  Click here  for results.

5. CClick here  for results to the following:
    a. Osha Non Toxic Certification
    b. FDA Approved Safe Ingredients
    c. Certified Ecologically Safe
    d. Certified for Drinking Water and Soil
    e. No Detectable Heavy Metals
    f. Radiocarbon analysis Assures BioBased
    g. No GMO certification
    h. California proposition 65 Compliant
    i. Human Skin Patch Test Confirm Safe

6. Click here for clinical trial that confirms it destroys bacteria and fungi

To gain an understanding of how angstrom technology works, click here

This product is produced in highly concentrated liquid form which can and has been used in skin creams, liquid and bar soaps, lotions, and baths or it can be applied in a diluted liquid form with water direct to the skin.

Applied uses to date:
Skin Parasites
Skin Rashes
Non Healing Skin Lesions
Skin and Toe Nail Fungus
Skin Warts
Wound Cleansing Agent
Insect bites including fire ants
Poison Ivy, Sumac, and Oak

Because we do not have funds to conduct FDA clinical trials we can not claim that it mitigates, cures, or treats any physical malady--only that it cleans the skin.

However, we suggest studies to demonstrate that it does indeed destroy bacteria, fungus, viruses, skin cancer, speeds recovery from diabetic lesions, and may play a role in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Other suggested clinical studies would be that it hydrates, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and keeps skin young and vibrant.

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